Eco- Die casting Facade compleated design for The Resort club by ANON PAIROT


fa·cade [fuh-sahd, fa-] 
a.the front of a building, esp. an imposing or decorative one.
b.any side of a building facing a public way or space and finished accordingly.
2.a superficial appearance or illusion of something: They managed somehow to maintain a facade of wealth.

Also, fa·çade.

1650–60; < F < Upper It faciada, It facciata, equiv. to facci(a) face + -ata -ade1

Facade is a decoration thing which use to bring perfect to fulfill architecture, and all these ornaments is made from die casting aluminum with Turkish graphic style on pyramid shape. Hence it is in interior designing things always cool as it always be.

Architecture and interior design by : Ductstore the design guru

LME-1125-resize 2008-11-03-00 2008-11-03-03 2008-11-03-04 LME-1065-resize LME-1067-1-resize LME-1070-resizeLME-1068-resize LME-1069-resize  LME-1071-resize LME-1073-resize LME-1081-resize LME-1082-resize LME-1084-resize LME-1085-resize LME-1087-resizeLME-1086-resize  LME-1088-resize LME-1092-resize LME-1104-resize LME-1105-resize LME-1108-resize LME-1109-resize LME-1110-resize LME-1112-resize LME-1116-resize  LME-1122-resizeLME-1120-resize

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