Limited Edition experimental concept jean by ANON PAIROT

The world had change, the 80’s, 90’s or even 2000 fashion might become null, ANON PAIROT had seen that whatever thing we recreated again and again might cause us undeveloped. Hence, now, this time, he had design newestest collections of weird experimental jeans which people could wear in their real life and live awkwardly among people sight on the apparel you wear.





Super folding jean by make its legs exceed from normal and fold it back almost reach your crotch.004


Flabby jean by making its crotch flab toward the feet made it seem like unable to walk but not.006

Aluminum integrated with ordinary jean and utilize its benefit by iPod rolling cord, to keep away from it inevitable chaos of cord. In addition with the oversize back pouch which design for designer to put their small notebook in practically.

visual by Cheff, original jean from Levi’s

Our first store is now opened

IMG0042A IMG0040A DSCN9880

The first store we opened at CDC and had grand opening on NOV 25th, 2009. The Store contain our 3 brands, ANON PAIROT, ANON PAIROT LIMITED EDITION and Flash on. Which we would kindly to invite you guys all to visit and experience our furniture, and find out what it could be.

Anon Pairot Limited Edition is now open!!!



Anon Pairot Limited Edition, the product we made is inspired from unordinary day living thing integrated with some other distinguished idea and limited produce by its constraint with special material we experimented from our laboratory in order to specially custom made for us. Furthermore, this brand Anon Pairot Limited Edition is the brand we create for unsuitable contrast of composition in your life and made you distinguish away from your simply normal ordinary real world.

The product we created is limited by its depreciate of mould and scarcity of material we use those argument cause it limitation of producing of in its piece. And the chosen material is come from uninferior mineral which use to represent its price by market supply and workmanship of purify sweat workers army.

The right choice of you was seeing by you, yes it is, this product is made for fulfilling your house and respond you deepest demand of this product, that’s why today is a good day to buy.

Product disclaimer: Temperature of this product will rise when it heated by the sun. And it will cold when you reduce your room temperature by air condition machine. To clean this product, could be done by rubbing it with soap with aqua in the rug.

Produced by Anon Pairot Design Studio, 2009-2010, Thailand.
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Online catalogue is now available!!!


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The online catalogue of our products is available please follow the link to download.

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The product anticipated to finish manufactured 2 weeks after order confirmed.

Lamptitude booth, Manga talk, at Baan Lae Suan Fair 2009


IMG_8446 IMG_8449


IMG_8391 IMG_8398 IMG_8400 IMG_8403 IMG_8404 IMG_8407


Finally, Baan Lae Suan Fair comes to its end since it begins on Oct 27 – Nov 1, 2009. Trade fair which most of Thai people give interest in its sales item with excess reduction further ever. In this time, Anon Pairot Design Studio designs signature booth for Lamptitude (Thailand) in Manga Talk concept by using natural and forest theme addition with manga talking balloons to told their description and adorable style which customer in that exhibition seem to love it.

A Part collection production line has launched




A Part collection finally reaches its manufacturing process with the originally craftsmanship which rarely found in urban society. A Part collection which manufacturing in the brand Anon Pairot Limited Edition has launched and ready to be ordered, for limited edition disintegrated by material and its complex manufacturing processes.


A Part from Reindeer # 01


A Part from Reindeer # 02


A Part from Reindeer # 03


A Part from Reindeer # 04


A Part from Reindeer # 05


A Part from Reindeer # 06


A Part from Eagle # 01

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