Milan Salone Satellite 2009

Salone Satellite 2009

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Everything seems to be fine in Milan Salone Satellite 2009, Anon and his STONE/TAPE collection which perform in the exhibition feel grateful for everyone, every gallery, traders, curators and press, whoever come to visit or interest in our booth and stand still on his site for a long time. After this project he will create his own limited edition of his collection. Again, appreciate you guys to attend to his contribution. See you again Salone Satellite 2010.

Anon’s Tape Collection at CIGE 2009


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April (2009), Vitra Design Museum had invited Anon Pairot to become their representative for Boibuchet workshop at CIGE, in order to persuade visitors and artists to attend this workshop.

In this time Anon stunned people again by creating a special electric fan which still able to blow and a special rack for Book Collection of Vitra and shown in Vitra Booth in CIGE. From previously foundation idea of Tape project, he adapted to develop this project by using red tape which represents the color of China which could advocate Chinese style traditional rack which he found unanticipated while he went shopping from local furniture retailer stores in China and use its conformation apply with his tape collection and become an unique étagère. Again with his notably performance he also bought an electric fan in old style and wrap it with tape. And that was the narrative of his new tape collection in China. Next time let’s see what he’s gonna do with his tape collection.

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