Result of Elle Decoration Design Awards Thailand was out!

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Result of Elle Decoration Design Awards Thailand was out!

Elle Decoration have Elle Decoration Design Awards for product for home decoration and designer who have notable contribution in Thailand every single years since 9 years ago. And Anon got  ELLE DECORATION DESIGN AWARDS 2009 in DESIGNER OF THE YEAR and become delegate from Thailand to compete with other guys from around the world.

And ELLE DECORATION Magazine Thailand would publish and publicize this project in 2010 February.

the mayandesign.winter.workshop 2010



In this late winter (of THAILAND), Anon Pairot has been invited to become a lecturer at mayandesign.winter.workshop 2010 at United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos) in subject "wood+stone-rope" which focus on local materials which could found near yourself.

local materials

Focusing on the context of the workshops location, we will experiment with local materials; wood + rope + stone, and basic tools. Open to people interested in exploring the possibilities given by these materials.

Anon studied industrial design at the King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology. He is one of the youngest and more recognized Thai designers. He received the “Red Dot” prize in 2007.

Anon and his studio have worked for renowned brands responsible for the creative direction of several projects, such as furniture, lighting and packaging.

His work and projects have been exhibited all around the world and shown in plenty of publications.

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