Infinite Passion

After many process to do, many people to negotiate with, finally it’s done.

Infinite Passion, 2010

The story beginning from, the owner of Siam Center contact us that they need a cool stuff for endless demand of human. That’s why we put the infinity symbol, 8 with 90 degree turn, to become the major trait of this sculpture, represented the never ending desire of human using mica powder and contrast color tone with the spaces. When walking around this sculpture, it might be seem like this thing has changed like fashion, when time changed, aspect in that time would also changed. Level and perspective of this sculpture was distorted and transformed in the different aspect around itself liked fashion was an illusion that reflect multicultural and personal taste of social in that period of time. And this sculpture would be the mirror reflect the latest renovation of this building. The reflection from this sculpture would like a mirror which able to show the evolution in art and tasting of fashion store and the shopper in Siam Center as if it is.


 Picture 3

 Picture 7

 Picture 10

 Picture 13

 Picture 14

 Picture 31

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