Goodbye of “The infinite Passion”

As we have mentioned in the previous news, this objects has been hanged for moreover than 6 months, new we are going to deinstall it and reform it to exploit more benefit from it.









Now we could officially say goodbye to this crotch-liked whimsical sculpture. Anon also said that he has plan after ripped it parted and made some small sculpture instead. Let’s see what he is gonna do in the next period.

“The Infinite Passion”

“The Infinite Passion”; the fashion sculpture installation have been selected by Siam Center, Curator; Supremo co.,ltd. New picture before it is deinstallation from Siam on Third after it was hanged for more than 6 months.






“The Infinite Passion”; the fashion sculpture installation have been selected by Siam Center, Curator; Supremo co.,ltd. New picture before it is deinstallation from Siam on Third after it was hanged for more than 6 months.

Kratib – Charming of synthetic rattan

Kratib is mean a weaved rattan in small bucket form (about the grande cup size of starbuck’s) for containing sticky rice in Thai traditional food of northeastern region. And using of hipsterical color combination for this chair. And it’s also rotatable instead of moving your ass up and roll it yourself.






This product is still in prototype, we will show the progressive development later.






Finally he has normal thing out!


The new interpretation of Christmas in Anon Pairot Style comes with spiral cone christmas tree casting in resin material polished with mica powder coated. With this fantastic christmas tree which is suitable for working desk where have too much natural object on it and need some extraordinary object to come instead of boring cutie panda and little fluffy bunny.IMG_9835 IMG_9853 IMG_9863 IMG_9889 IMG_9893 IMG_9818 IMG_9826 IMG_9832

Toyota Hybrid Inspiration Christmas tree 2010 by ANON PAIROT

The 4th Annual Christmas tree charity project at FOUR SEASON HOTEL Bangkok;

Toyota Hybrid Inspiration Christmas tree 2010 by ANON PAIROT

“Good Technology could be come with the Beautiful life”  Toyota hybrid technology become to mainly design influence in this projects. We talk about HYBRID idea. Design will be integrate the goodness thing and the gorgeous life. The best solution of complexity and simplicity make people drive to exciting life and leadership without fear to difference from normally thing with creative mind.

We try to interpreted the new answer of tomorrow Christmas tree Iconic by balance many good contents in our contemporary world; tomorrow, present and the past culture. Extra-ordinary but still chill with ordinary life. This project was try to balancing art, transportation design, Christmas culture, tomorrow of fashion, Futurist architect, entertainment Interior design and  Hi-technology production process. Normally 5 AXIS 3 dimension CNC milling machine have been use for industrially production in transportation manufacturing for crated hi-quality of dynamic form and organic surface of automobile prototyping, but we use its to experiment this Christmas tree. The Christmas tree become to the new iconic of tomorrow lifestyle by simplify a unimportant details. Only shape and form of Christmas tree what people can recognize the Christmas figure when they close their eyes.

Modern fashion, Deconstruction architecture and Toyota hybrid technology inspired us to design something more challenge from ordinary thing in space. The spiral structure had been subtracted the 3 dimension surface and the distortion form of the dynamic electric thunder but Lighting decorated with LED saving energy.

IMG_0179 IMG_0188 IMG_0196 IMG_0211 IMG_0441 IMG_0447 IMG_0452 IMG_0456

Below pictures are initial state of Anon Pairot’s hybrid inspiration Christmas tree.

DSC05432 IMG_1439 IMG_1475 IMG_1478 IMG_1479

Inflatable balloon lamp – 2010

Inflatable balloon lamp, Anon Pairot design studio. Imagine, traveling to wherever you want to find a peaceful atmosphere of mind, but lack of light which is essential thing for seeing objects around you. This lamp will reveal you the beautiful things around you without using that lot of space in your car or storage when you don’t want to use this. This lamp is inflatable! That’s mean you can blow it off and keep it in the box, garage, or storage with only 10% of its volume.

IMG_7212 IMG_7245 IMG_7310 IMG_7327 IMG_7353 IMG_7364

"A Part form Eagle #02"



A conceived of new whimsical object for “a part collection”. By Anon Pairot, “A Part form Eagle #02” comes with 2.3 meters long in Wing form. It’s about to exhibited in Bangkok Design Festival 2010 this winter.

This work philosophy is dedicate to the peace of Bangkok, after its catastrophe from dissension between 2 cores from different political view. Regards to the bird is the symbol of freedom and also peace of mind. This lounger is for every single bangkok people to have a rest on it and relax their mind, take times to think of better thing instead of hatred to each other.