ARTE Weekend Sea breeze, Skyscraper Hammock installation by Anon Pairot






What you’re going to do if you have jet-set life, you might want to feel like ordinary people but deep down in you subconscious, admitted it, you do not want to…

This week (31 Oct- 1 Nov, 09) , ARTE Weekend perform in Sea breeze theme which where rich people come to find out some interesting thing to do for fulfilling their fancy lifestyle. This time Anon Pairot look deep down inside the people demand, most of people want to sleep in the hammock and watch the sunset, breathing deeply the ocean scent. Therefore, Anon Pairot combines the skyscraper concept of urban architecture and ordinary people’s hammock, the result of this blend is 6-meter height skyscraper hammock which rarely found in really ordinary life.

CYBER STONE installation at Bangkok Art and Cultural centre, Bangkok Design Festival 2009.


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While people are missing their basic scent of natural, Stone, the collection which Anon Pairot designed furnitures and components in appearance of rock but made from wood which derived from Stone Collection 2009 Milano Edition Salone Satellite, inspired of tropical sense. What made it come this far might come from simply concept, imagine when you live your life in the room with den looked and wood felt, what a sophisticated feeling it is….

That originally content of CYBER STONE made for….

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‘A Part’ exhibition at Bangkok Art and Cultural centre, Bangkok Design Festival 2009.





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Nowadays we are living with things full with counterfeit things, sex transforming, plastic surgery, artificial nature, richest cosmetic make-up, a man able to transform to woman, a woman affix to become a man, house is not a home, building is not just an architecture, endeavor of aroma developing beyond than its natural existed till do not know its merit. It seems to be that human is looking for maximum perfection of their life and love.

Nevertheless, pre-known of perfection should be recognize should be recognize after understanding in imperfection.

Do we need the most beautiful thing from our boundless desire? Do we try to set value of maximum beautiful to set value of maximum beautiful of the finest thing by its excess price; it does not mean that costly things reflect its owner great taste? Luxury may reflect bad taste.

Thus, Does people looking for finest material super furniture, super functional, someone’s predicted trend in modern world, best proportion which defined by small group of people?

A part exhibition is not answering all those questions. Now, question we want audiences to find the answer from their mind. However, it seems to be an undone design. Be just a thing from something we naively integrated. Be embellished from different things or inexistence combination way of these things.

Things from history, ancient are just an obsolete object we should praise or be tools for us to recreate new things from them. This project attempt to make it seems undesigned, fearless and most innocent understandable design.

Finally, a part which is done by human will not be just “a part”. Furthermore, Will a part be just a part? Does existence of our finished work available? Our dreamt beautiful life has its programmed path or just need to follow the existed social, norm, culture civilization?

Intended of “a part” exhibition is pass forward goodness message to the others more than just the best furniture design.


After he successful on previous products such as CELL, PARE, Somesung, Invisible, REEEF, he had proudly to announce his latest collection before the end of the last year of the first decade of the first century of this millennium, by using the Bangkok Design Festival as his collection debuted. This collection, ‘A Part’ which we couldn’t agree more in its new fresh and awesomeness with a lil’bit sarcastic strong content. For those who missed this event. View the images from here. Furthermore this collection is also perform with a grateful artist, P’Pueng, Armchair (band name) who compose ambient music for this exhibition and it also available in the slideshow which linked from above.

FLASH ON, the celestrial living, exhibition at Siam Center, Bangkok Design Festival 2009




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The brand new design that Anon Pairot pinch out from his cerebrum. The local craftsmanship who live beneath the obscure shadow of Bangkok concrete forest which working in factory where supply the finest genuine leather for many European brand name furniture. In the beginning, Flash On had launched 3 new collection to become the prologue of this epic.POOM, Raffiesia and Eden, all made from the highestest grade of ‘pre-meat’ leather which make it have trait of goood furniture. Consequently, invitation to exhibit in BDF is not inordinary for their product, for more information about their product please visit

BIG 2009, Talent Thai, NEXT by DEP

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IMG_7402 BIG 2009, Talent Thai, is the project that supported from Department of Export Promotion (DEP) which intend to develop the ability of young designer from basic called ‘NOW’ to become professional called ‘NEXT’. And Anon Pairot was the one who chosen and come this far, grateful for this program which caused existence of his items on BIG2009.

And appreciate for all guys who visited our booth, and we will keep contact with you, for applying for our monthly newsletter please contact:

ON TV, Channel 9






Consequently from BDF (Bangkok Design Festival), Anon Pairot had been invited to be on TV, in "Khon Thai Mai Ting Gun" (Thai people don’t left each other (but in Thai word make it sounds excess sympathy))show featuring with other 2 designers, Prathan from ART4D, P49 and Vilasinee Chueprawe.