Police inspiration flooded tee shirt for civilian

Regards to news, there’re a lot of confusion between police and civilian who are going to help people who affected by flooding. This time Anon has a funny idea to setup mind of people who can see from the content of tee-shirt. Thief, immigrant, victims and people to confront the normal police teeshirt.


thief tee

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“Everything is all rice.” 2011 collection by ANON PAIROT

The collection name is look like the sample sentence what I think when I need some power to fight with some problems; “ EVERY THING IS ALRIGHT!”. It’s nice to be the name of my new experimental with RICE; the No.1 agriculture product what Thailand export to international market and eat in everyday life for Thai food culture. Simple, basic but cool!


Rice is the major identification of Thai economic reference. Because it’s involve in everything of economic structure. Rice is the best reflection of Thai culture history from primitive legend. Rice is mainly energy food for drive Thai people work and create our fantastic country.


So that bring me an idea to use Rice as sculpture clay for make something with very simple shape of the object. Innocent mind, no plan and relax, I break the rule of theory and use only design instinct to make the form follow function. I keep the original rice surface and casting that form and structure by Aluminum or bronze as the sculpture and jewelry process. Object design is an impressionist of design art piece what Anon Pairot want to respect the rice context in our tropical Thai civilization.


Thank you, It’s all rice!
@ 2011 All Rice have been reserved by ANON PAIROT DESIGN STUDIO Co.,Ltd. Already!!

The new hope, the new bag. From Anon Pairot Design Studio


The problem of inadequate undersized bag is about to fade away. Anon Pairot has already finished designing new A0 size bag, followed by its product lines, to solve the unpleasant space in the very chic way. Now, the first collection’s prototype has been launched.




IMG_2606 - Version 2

IMG_2664 IMG_2706


IMG_2715 IMG_2728


IMG_2750 IMG_2752 IMG_2757


Good fashion need to be created not only by the inspiration but also the applicable function in favor of criteria such as place, time and gender. With the well-selected industrial elements, the fashionable product is purposely beneficial, preventing scratch and dirt or blot caused by any possibly distracting weather, in order to be used with heavy weight or hardworking. Furthermore, the magnificent bag can be carried in every occasion. The major of materials used for the collection is the recycled acrylic felt, for eco-concerned age.



The luxury tiara is going to out. The cell one is in. The new hair belt from Anon Pairot which could make your head luxury like no others.

Finally, the developer team who create all these collections together, and prepare for the further develop of this collections soon…….


ON TV, Channel 9






Consequently from BDF (Bangkok Design Festival), Anon Pairot had been invited to be on TV, in "Khon Thai Mai Ting Gun" (Thai people don’t left each other (but in Thai word make it sounds excess sympathy))show featuring with other 2 designers, Prathan from ART4D, P49 and Vilasinee Chueprawe.

Milan Salone Satellite2009


Milan Salone Satellite, the most ancient furniture exhibition on this planet where everybody every famous designer assembles here to show their raw new latest idea which was seen nowhere before will take place at… Milan in 22-27 April 2009.
In this time, Anon Pairot will going to reveal his 3 latest masterpieces : “Stone Collection” “Raw Antique” and “Cast Magic”

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Imagine backward to stone-aged while you are trying hook up a fish with your bare hand in a shallow river for hours. Finally you got it! You come relax and sit tight on a rock beside the riverbank put that poor fish bleeding on another rock while his friend trying to fire a fire with simple material around there. Then turn back to 21st century, could you remember that feeling in your depth of DNA? From this simple idea, Anon Pairot designs his new project based on human habit that demand to do things simply like those 2 guys in the past. He bring out a chair as a rock by using funky material like wood and put the primitive sense in it to make it look backward eras ago. However, it still uses new techniques like using machine to hash it up and assemble exquisite craftsmanship to make consumer feel human sense in it. Color, with immortal and wisely classic color like smoked brown or grey-brown which is color of Lanna (Thai traditional tribal on the northern area) could make it simply look in harmony with many atmosphere in tropical tone and warm style more than fashion style though it is not a hip color.


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Raw is definition of unprepared, unprocessed or fresh, new, crude. By using tapes which could be found anywhere especially in the stationary store and use it wrap all over the chair and mould it with aluminum, result is an awesome infidel chair which could adapt and put it contrast in luxury hotel or feel free to put it in the den where you live your life freely boundless without any rule. That’s the origin of this project called “Raw Antique”


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Magic, spell, witch all are from imaginary of human ape, and that’s the tales, however magician create their magic trick to bamboozle audience like disappear bird in their hat or chop a human into 2 but Anon Pairot’s inspired to start his new project called “Cast Magic” from that performance so he made a new ass-rest by using that trick but he cannot make it that far, he put a rope over a chair, put the chair off and mould it with brass or aluminum until rope in the shape of chair is the rest, and make it look a rope buoy on the air and nothing like an enchanted rope.

by cheF