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Anon Pairot Limited Edition, the product we made is inspired from unordinary day living thing integrated with some other distinguished idea and limited produce by its constraint with special material we experimented from our laboratory in order to specially custom made for us. Furthermore, this brand Anon Pairot Limited Edition is the brand we create for unsuitable contrast of composition in your life and made you distinguish away from your simply normal ordinary real world.

The product we created is limited by its depreciate of mould and scarcity of material we use those argument cause it limitation of producing of in its piece. And the chosen material is come from uninferior mineral which use to represent its price by market supply and workmanship of purify sweat workers army.

The right choice of you was seeing by you, yes it is, this product is made for fulfilling your house and respond you deepest demand of this product, that’s why today is a good day to buy.

Product disclaimer: Temperature of this product will rise when it heated by the sun. And it will cold when you reduce your room temperature by air condition machine. To clean this product, could be done by rubbing it with soap with aqua in the rug.

Produced by Anon Pairot Design Studio, 2009-2010, Thailand.
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Online catalogue is now available!!!


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The online catalogue of our products is available please follow the link to download.

For price of the products, please request by E-Mail at
The product anticipated to finish manufactured 2 weeks after order confirmed.

ON TV, Channel 9






Consequently from BDF (Bangkok Design Festival), Anon Pairot had been invited to be on TV, in "Khon Thai Mai Ting Gun" (Thai people don’t left each other (but in Thai word make it sounds excess sympathy))show featuring with other 2 designers, Prathan from ART4D, P49 and Vilasinee Chueprawe.

Bangkok Design Festival Press Conference at Siam Paragon





Bangkok Design Festival which launched on 15-26th of October, 2009, Anon Pairot had performed his 3 installations there. And on those day he would reveal his 3 latest collections at that exhibition.

And what he’s going to do next is still  unpredictable…….