CYBER STONE installation at Bangkok Art and Cultural centre, Bangkok Design Festival 2009.


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While people are missing their basic scent of natural, Stone, the collection which Anon Pairot designed furnitures and components in appearance of rock but made from wood which derived from Stone Collection 2009 Milano Edition Salone Satellite, inspired of tropical sense. What made it come this far might come from simply concept, imagine when you live your life in the room with den looked and wood felt, what a sophisticated feeling it is….

That originally content of CYBER STONE made for….

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Museum Workshop which held at Boibuchet in cooperation with Centre Gorge Pompidou museum in 17-23 May 2009.
“By using less material and energy and shortening processing times, we will seek to generate less waste while still creating a high standard of craftsmanship. The focus will be on rethinking the design process to instill a product or small-scale furniture piece with newfound emotion. Everyday objects will be re-examined and re-designed with minor changes to give high-tech objects a more natural feel. We will work with different kinds of bamboo with the goal of creating a product that could eventually go into production for the Boisbuchet Collection.”
(quote from : VITRA Design museum Workshop😉

by cheF