"A Part form Eagle #02"



A conceived of new whimsical object for “a part collection”. By Anon Pairot, “A Part form Eagle #02” comes with 2.3 meters long in Wing form. It’s about to exhibited in Bangkok Design Festival 2010 this winter.

This work philosophy is dedicate to the peace of Bangkok, after its catastrophe from dissension between 2 cores from different political view. Regards to the bird is the symbol of freedom and also peace of mind. This lounger is for every single bangkok people to have a rest on it and relax their mind, take times to think of better thing instead of hatred to each other.


Limited Edition experimental concept jean by ANON PAIROT

The world had change, the 80’s, 90’s or even 2000 fashion might become null, ANON PAIROT had seen that whatever thing we recreated again and again might cause us undeveloped. Hence, now, this time, he had design newestest collections of weird experimental jeans which people could wear in their real life and live awkwardly among people sight on the apparel you wear.





Super folding jean by make its legs exceed from normal and fold it back almost reach your crotch.004


Flabby jean by making its crotch flab toward the feet made it seem like unable to walk but not.006

Aluminum integrated with ordinary jean and utilize its benefit by iPod rolling cord, to keep away from it inevitable chaos of cord. In addition with the oversize back pouch which design for designer to put their small notebook in practically.

visual by Cheff, original jean from Levi’s

‘A Part’ exhibition at Bangkok Art and Cultural centre, Bangkok Design Festival 2009.





IMG_7482 IMG_7502

IMG_7511 IMG_7617





Nowadays we are living with things full with counterfeit things, sex transforming, plastic surgery, artificial nature, richest cosmetic make-up, a man able to transform to woman, a woman affix to become a man, house is not a home, building is not just an architecture, endeavor of aroma developing beyond than its natural existed till do not know its merit. It seems to be that human is looking for maximum perfection of their life and love.

Nevertheless, pre-known of perfection should be recognize should be recognize after understanding in imperfection.

Do we need the most beautiful thing from our boundless desire? Do we try to set value of maximum beautiful to set value of maximum beautiful of the finest thing by its excess price; it does not mean that costly things reflect its owner great taste? Luxury may reflect bad taste.

Thus, Does people looking for finest material super furniture, super functional, someone’s predicted trend in modern world, best proportion which defined by small group of people?

A part exhibition is not answering all those questions. Now, question we want audiences to find the answer from their mind. However, it seems to be an undone design. Be just a thing from something we naively integrated. Be embellished from different things or inexistence combination way of these things.

Things from history, ancient are just an obsolete object we should praise or be tools for us to recreate new things from them. This project attempt to make it seems undesigned, fearless and most innocent understandable design.

Finally, a part which is done by human will not be just “a part”. Furthermore, Will a part be just a part? Does existence of our finished work available? Our dreamt beautiful life has its programmed path or just need to follow the existed social, norm, culture civilization?

Intended of “a part” exhibition is pass forward goodness message to the others more than just the best furniture design.


After he successful on previous products such as CELL, PARE, Somesung, Invisible, REEEF, he had proudly to announce his latest collection before the end of the last year of the first decade of the first century of this millennium, by using the Bangkok Design Festival as his collection debuted. This collection, ‘A Part’ which we couldn’t agree more in its new fresh and awesomeness with a lil’bit sarcastic strong content. For those who missed this event. View the images from here. Furthermore this collection is also perform with a grateful artist, P’Pueng, Armchair (band name) who compose ambient music for this exhibition and it also available in the slideshow which linked from above.