“Everything is all rice.” 2011 collection by ANON PAIROT

The collection name is look like the sample sentence what I think when I need some power to fight with some problems; “ EVERY THING IS ALRIGHT!”. It’s nice to be the name of my new experimental with RICE; the No.1 agriculture product what Thailand export to international market and eat in everyday life for Thai food culture. Simple, basic but cool!


Rice is the major identification of Thai economic reference. Because it’s involve in everything of economic structure. Rice is the best reflection of Thai culture history from primitive legend. Rice is mainly energy food for drive Thai people work and create our fantastic country.


So that bring me an idea to use Rice as sculpture clay for make something with very simple shape of the object. Innocent mind, no plan and relax, I break the rule of theory and use only design instinct to make the form follow function. I keep the original rice surface and casting that form and structure by Aluminum or bronze as the sculpture and jewelry process. Object design is an impressionist of design art piece what Anon Pairot want to respect the rice context in our tropical Thai civilization.


Thank you, It’s all rice!
@ 2011 All Rice have been reserved by ANON PAIROT DESIGN STUDIO Co.,Ltd. Already!!