ARTE Weekend Sea breeze, Skyscraper Hammock installation by Anon Pairot






What you’re going to do if you have jet-set life, you might want to feel like ordinary people but deep down in you subconscious, admitted it, you do not want to…

This week (31 Oct- 1 Nov, 09) , ARTE Weekend perform in Sea breeze theme which where rich people come to find out some interesting thing to do for fulfilling their fancy lifestyle. This time Anon Pairot look deep down inside the people demand, most of people want to sleep in the hammock and watch the sunset, breathing deeply the ocean scent. Therefore, Anon Pairot combines the skyscraper concept of urban architecture and ordinary people’s hammock, the result of this blend is 6-meter height skyscraper hammock which rarely found in really ordinary life.