"A Part form Eagle #02"



A conceived of new whimsical object for “a part collection”. By Anon Pairot, “A Part form Eagle #02” comes with 2.3 meters long in Wing form. It’s about to exhibited in Bangkok Design Festival 2010 this winter.

This work philosophy is dedicate to the peace of Bangkok, after its catastrophe from dissension between 2 cores from different political view. Regards to the bird is the symbol of freedom and also peace of mind. This lounger is for every single bangkok people to have a rest on it and relax their mind, take times to think of better thing instead of hatred to each other.


Bangkok Design Festival Press Conference at Siam Paragon





Bangkok Design Festival which launched on 15-26th of October, 2009, Anon Pairot had performed his 3 installations there. And on those day he would reveal his 3 latest collections at that exhibition.

And what he’s going to do next is still  unpredictable…….