CIGE 2009

China, the new most upcoming buying power country and driven by a process of grand reform and internationalization, China has made remarkable achievements in its economic growth in the short period of 2 decades and emerged as a global force. This year CIGE a.k.a. China International Gallery Exposition will take place at the China World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall in Beijing in April 16 – 19, 2009 (Preview: April 15).
Luckily, this year Anon Pairot was given an opportunity to perform his special project “The Tape Installation” lively in Vitra Design Museum which join CIGE as a representative. By using tape wraps over a furniture, but at this time he’s going to use traditional furniture like Ming’s chair and make a new look with simple “Tape“. According to his primitive concept of this project; ‘Art is all around’, everybody could do that even a high school students could use their tape which normally wrap their report’s gutter to make an art product without demand to use a costly or expensive material to make it. From this positive aspect, it makes him create plenty of created design.

by cheF

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